Warrior, Shaman, Dancer (Dance of Life Photography’s Dance Video Two)

The second video I chose for my dance video series is an example of the power of ecstatic dance to infuse the spirit of life into a serious, life-altering situation.

In the video, which has been seen all over the world, Dr. Deb Cohan dances an intimate, primal dance of life with her operating nurses before her double mastectomy, summoning the warrior energies of life into the room.

Some of the dancers at the start seem to be a little politely following along, but by the end, everyone is feeling that terrific force of life in spirit and presence.

Its a primal, ecstatic dancing celebration of life. right. now.

And that is the kind of energy that truly heals.

Her Facebook page describes her personal journey with that same intimacy and authenticity. I am heartened by how her warrior reaction to that deeply frightening, emotional moment has inspired other patients to think out of the box and find their healing and spiritual inspiration through regular, ecstatic dancing.


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