For a long time I have had a mind that visualized vivid pictures of past failures and embarassments whenever I dared to attempt something that stretched my comfort zone and moved towards a more independent life.

My inner censor knew exactly which feelings and memories could stop me in my tracks, and over time, all I had to do was think about starting a new project, and I would be immediately engulfed in a fog of confusion and despair.  I was blocked, big time, and I couldn’t find anything that helped.

I do not know how I found transformational teacher Sophie Benshitta Maven and her very unique website YourVibration.com, among the many hundreds of healers and teachers on the web, but the quality of the writing and the work she did kept me coming back to the site to marvel at something else she had found to help us get out of our own way.

My work towards a higher vibration life has involved taking Sophie’s unique Bach remedy, Heaven on Earth, in liquid form and infused in drinking water.  But in an amazing adaptation, I can now listen to these beneficial effects through my computer speakers. An audio version of Heaven on Earth called HOE Long Range that has a range of 200 miles, allows me to play it at home and get its energetic benefits wherever I travel in the day.

The first time I played its energy repeatedly, I felt vibrations and heat in my chest and throat like I was going to cry, and emotions that made me feel crabby, irritable and sad.  I napped more in the day and had insomnia at night, and I let stuff happen: if I felt like crying, I did.

But after a time, it seemed to be a ‘good hurt’, the discomfort of something that was sorting itself out.  I am still playing it and changing towards the better.

What life IS is not what it appears to be right now.  Sophie is someone who is actively helping people with the inner transition to a clearer state and a better life.


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