kittenish ways

This morning I dreamed about the tiny black kitten who was part of a litter of four kittens born to a neighborhood pet turned out to fend for itself. Though he would come with the others for food, for the most part he stayed wary and out of reach, and I could only watch as he lived out his tiny cat life under my window.

This kitten fascinated me because he was always tumbling and chasing his shadow while the others gobbled their food.  Always late to arrive, always more interested in playing than eating.

I thought seriously about trying to catch him before the winter came.   But one day he was missing for the daily meal and I never saw him again…

The dream was a comfort to my sadness about his fate.  He allowed himself to be picked up and brought inside with other cats sitting and eating in the sun to be cared for, protected, and treasured for the qualities that he had.

It was a reminder to continue to do the work to uncover who I am–even if I find that deep down, I’m really an airheaded kitten who would rather chase shadows in the sun.


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