These days I have been looking at the issues around the self-worth and love

felt and reflected in the quality of relationships, creativity, self-care and money…

It’s ironic that even the search itself can create indecision, overwhelm, and buried issues that can feel as painful as the reasons to seek help.

But the pure intention of wanting to be awake no matter what I see

keeps signaling and reaching out in different ways, and led me to Sophie, who teaches others the radical step of connecting and accessing to Source

without gurus or other ‘middlemen.’

Sophie is tough as nails, but accessible, transparent, vulnerable and authentic in a way that I have rarely seen in a teacher of this kind of work.

She doesn’t sugarcoat concepts for our consumption, or let us get away with the things that allowed us to float through life before.

And she is exceptionally creative in the methods she uses.

 Each of her lessons are original and inspired, and I never doubt her enthusiasm and tireless passion for teaching us a way of approaching our lives

that bravely combats years of deliberate miseducation and misdirection.

Amazing things are happening in these classes.

I do not yet have a transformation…but feel every day like I am transforming.

Thank you, Sophie.


2 thoughts on “Köszönöm

  1. Oh Dorothy, this is SO beautiful!!!!!
    I hope you don’t mind that I found and am writing to you, but I wanted to reach out to you when I heard about your mom’s passing and “sister stuff”… (I have sister stuff too)
    And about your photography… everything about it… even your website…I feel moved and inspired.
    I WISH we didn’t live so far apart from each other… you would be who I’d call!!!
    If you want to keep in touch, I would love that.

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