seeing the feeling

Do you have a favorite photograph where you remember the exact moment and can feel the textures…smells…details…even now?

When you see it, does it make you feel warm (or even teary) inside?

These photographs, however quickly or imperfectly taken, speak to you because the photograph contains the energy of something real.  

The energy of the emotion itself.

I remember my late husband’s Polaroid of me he took when I was 25 and our daughter was a few weeks old.

I couldn’t understand why he liked it so much—at the time, I only saw a picture taken at an unguarded moment, the style of dress…my little girl as tiny as a doll…

It was only years later that I understood that this specific photograph was a moment that summoned the actual feeling of being a proud new husband and father

to help when he needed motivation, comfort and reassurance in his life.  To help put things in perspective.  To remember that somebody loved him.

How wonderful would it be to have more than one of this kind of photograph? A whole portraits’ worth?  A whole weddings’ worth?  A day in your life’s worth?

The search for capturing the energy of feeling has been my passion for years, and photographing this charged energy of real people in live events is my artform.

I seek out, wait for, and dance with these moving moments until I get beautiful images of motion and feeling together with light, composition and balance.  

Pictures of beautiful moments of reality.  

By you, of you, for you.

How wonderful to be able to leave these kinds of rich, vital, energetic photographs of your life for your partner–your family–your children.

And their children.

Schedule an interview with me at Dance of Life Photography here to start: We can speak by phone or by Skype.

The important, positive emotions of your life are worth feeling.

Again and again.

Please enter–and enjoy–the website here.


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